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Happiness Wellness Self-Love

Course Overview

This transformative 30-day digital course is all about being the happiest you — mind, body & soul. It's about letting go of the energies, beliefs and events of the past that no longer serve you — and making space for something new, beautiful and joyful to emerge. Including a new, upgraded, Beyoncé-fied version of you. A version that is ready for more love, joy, fun, healing, inner peace, success, space, and happiness in different areas of your life.


Happiness. Wellness. Self-Love. has an easy-to-follow and well-rounded structure built so that you make the most of this online experience. The course has 5 modules. Each module has 4 different parts: videos, readings, exercises, and meditations. The format of the teaching is fun, intimate, and interactive, and various teaching methods mean that it's easier for you to follow-through with the curriculum.



In this module, I introduce you to the main concepts of the course and set the tone for the work we're going to do next. I talk about love & fear, soul & ego, and encourage you to begin the quest of looking deeper at your life to see how these forces are influencing your day-to-day decisions and your overall level of happiness. Yup, it gets interesting and good!

4 videos Readings Exercises Meditation

The Key to Happiness
(no one is talking about)

In this module, I discuss an unexpected key to happiness that no one is talking about. Module Two is the most difficult module of them all, because it's like a very much needed spiritual, physical and emotional detox that would allow you to let go of your past and drop the things (and beliefs) that no longer serve you. It's like pressing a huge re-set button - so that all the areas of your life can start to work better! Sounds too good to be true? I promise you - it works! Because that's how the Universe works.

3 videos 4 readings 4 homeworks 5 meditations

Trusting The Universe

What would it feel to trust life? What would it feel to know that the Universe has your back? What would it feel to know that there is a loving Higher Power that is eager to help you with whatever request you have, 7 days a week, 24/7? And what does that even mean "to trust life and trust the Universe"? This inspiring module is all about letting a new thinking system in and embracing a new, more joyful, lighter, happier way to live. A way that would bring you peace, success & happiness beyond your wildest dreams.

6 videos 3 readings Exercises Meditation


Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship in your life. In this module, we go deep as I encourage you to look at the areas in your life where you could love yourself more (including body positivity). I make self-love fun and practical, and help you re-discover your sense of self-appreciation and much needed loving kindness for your mind, body & spirit.

8 videos 4 readings Exercises 3 Meditations

Find Your Superpower

The final module of the course is like a little sacred initiation. It has two parts: a part about feeling empowered, getting out there and doing some kickass things in the world, and a part that is all about self-care routines that will make sure you stay grounded and balanced in the day-to-day craziness of this busy modern day world.

11 videos 2 readings Exercises 3 Meditations

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